Limber Tree Yoga Studio

September 27, 2012 @ 3:00 pm by jodie

Downtown Billings has a sexy new space offering respite and rejuvenation: Limber Tree Yoga Studio.

Found at 212 N 29th Street (across the street from the 29th Street parking garage), you can yoga it up seven days a week. An array of classes is offered for any level of student.  These include: Yoga Flexibility, Morning Rhapsody, Nia, Yoga by Regquest, Relax Into the New Week, Get the Funk Out, Big Heart Floor Play and many others.  They use the site so you can sign up from wherever you may be and not miss a spot. Check it out for a full listing of classes and times.

I’m personally stoked for Aeial Yoga to start the end of October. A beginners class in which circus silks will be hung from the ceiling for you to play and push your boundaries a bit!

Sharli Ziebarth is the creator and owner of Limber Tree Yoga. She is serious about the transformative power of yoga. As soon as Sharli began pursuing her business idea, seasoned teachers drew to her and committed to teaching before there was even a space. Her passion and sincerity made it easy for people to get behind her idea and make it a reality. “A Haven for Holistic Healing” is the studio’s motto and so far I’ve found it to be true after attending a few sessions. The entry is a lovely area to sip tea (that is also available for purchase), relax on the retro couch or shop the retail side. The studio space is a gorgeous, low lit room with high ceilings and rich colors.  The atmosphere is at once calming and meditative.  Every class I’ve attended has seemed a whole lot longer in a “wow I got to hang out here all afternoon” kind of way.

Lisa Knowlton is Limber Tree’s manager. She brings a lot of experience from her years of teaching yoga and managing a studio in California. Local yoga veterans such as Elizabeth Klarich and Aimee Carlson both teach a handful of classes.  The entire staff presents to the community a strong and diverse schedule. You can be an absolute yoga virgin or a yoga non-virgin (haha) and there will be something for you.

The hope is to encourage people towards a healthier lifestyle and possibly find some tranquility and openness in their day. It’s a perfect walking and biking destination for anyone working downtown.

They are running a killer special of $49 for an unlimited month pass for first time visitors. All classes are $12. There is an infrared sauna that is free your first session and $7 per half hour after.  Massage, Bio Mat therapy, Energy Balancing and private sessions are also available.

A business promoting healing, relaxing and an infusion of some good energy into your life and your day… what are you waiting for?!!

Jodie Tenicin Smith


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