Tony O’Connor at Salon Avalon

February 2, 2013 @ 3:07 pm by jodie

Are you in need of a hair fix? I know just the man.

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A week ago I was leaving town and noticed my ends were looking like the end of a chewed dog toy. I didn’t have time to get an appointment so I went at it myself with a pair of clippers. It did not turn out as precise as I might have originally thought..

Tony O'Connor Hair (2 of 5)

This week I got myself in with Tony O’Connor at Salon Avalon. A witty, eco conscious yoga teacher who also happens to do hair. He has an extensive background in hair color from Rocco Altobelli Salons in Minneapolis. He has art in his hands and I completely trusted him to make me look good.

I was so glad I used the restroom before we began. He had me giggling the entire time. Laugh therapy with a fantastic haircut.

Tony O'Connor Hair (5 of 5) copy

I let him know I am not a hair girl. I’m not good at it. He evened me out and gave me something I can easily work with. He used his lovely smelling hair products on my mane. NEVO is 100% vegan and comes in a 100% biodegradable package. And, it is made up of ingredients such as quinoa and soy protein.

Tony O'Connor Hair (3 of 5)

A funny, cute stylist who uses vegan products and teaches yoga? Jackpot!

You can book an appointment with Tony at Salon Avalon on King and 32nd Street West at this number: 406 656 4200

You can take a yoga class from Tony at this location and number: Perfect Balance Yoga and Massage  406 294 9642

Jodie Tenicin Smith  the photo chik

Tony O'Connor Hair (4 of 5)

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