Be Mine

February 7, 2013 @ 8:00 am by janine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Have you picked out that perfect outfit yet?!? Here are some helpful tips and outfits to get you looking fab for your husband, boyfriend or night out with the girls!


Tip 1:

Don’t stress the sex appeal. Many times we focus so much on looking sexy that we end up looking like we are trying too hard. This year go chic! Grab a more put together outfit or classic little dress to make your statement. You will look great while exuding confidence and that is what will make you sexy!

Tip 2:

Don’t be cliché. EVERYONE will be in a little red or black dress. Have fun with different colors like pastels, pinks, creams and purple. Try different hues or color blocking of red. This will break up the color giving you a hint of that red you desire.


Tip 3:

Try LACE. Instead of trying to show off parts of your body with short skirts or low cuts try wear something with more lace detail. This will give a hint of skin while keeping it tasteful (not to mention it is more of a tease). Lace is super feminine and fun. PS… you can transition lace detail tops or dresses really well into this spring. More for your buck!

Tip 4:

Casual does NOT mean jeans and a tee. If you want to go with a more casual look be sure to complete the outfit. Grab a detailed blouse, throw on a boyfriend blazer, accessorize and you are good to go! OR have a little fun with prints. Throw on a tunic, jegging, and leather jacket…now you are set!


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