Conversing with Lisa Lampanelli

February 25, 2013 @ 12:53 pm by jodie


Insult comic.

Queen of Mean and Roast Master.

Lisa Lampanelli has crafted a powerful career as a sharp-tongued stand-up comedian. She skewers stereotypes and idiocy leaving no one safe in her wake. As the first ever female roast master, Lisa has lampooned the likes of Chevy Chase, Pamela Anderson and Donald Trump. She picks people and situations apart so fast there’s barely time to take a breath. And people can’t get enough of her! She plays to sold-out audiences across the nation.

As my interview with her approached, my curiosity was piqued. Who would I be speaking to on the other end of the line:  An angry woman? A wild woman? A possible bookworm masquerading as a stand-up comic?

She surprised and delighted me with her warm, genuine personality! It’s so goofy when we think celebrity’s stage personas represent who they really are.

Lisa Lampanelli wowed me as a highly educated, fabulous lady with an excellent work ethic. She takes her job very seriously and understands $40-$50 a ticket is not easy for most people. Explained simply that not so long ago she too had a small bank account. She wants to honor her fans by giving them the best of her no matter if she performs at the Apollo in NYC or The Alberta Bair in Billings MT.

Part of that work ethic is taking care of her health in the midst of a wild schedule. She recently had gastric sleeve surgery to loose weight. Post surgery, the patient is required to eat a lot less food- period. Lisa has not only lost weight and found the diet easy to keep up with, she has also found her openness about this issue has inspired others. She believes openness and honesty are the way to go regardless of the situation.

Moving from journalism and writing for publications such as Rolling Stone, Lisa segued into stand-up comedy. I wondered how she landed in the insult line of entertainment. “It took on a life of it’s own. I started doing regular old comedy and had a few incidents of being heckled and I thought ‘I’m going to get them before they get me’ and it mushroomed into the roasts. You keep taking more chances as you get better at it!”


For the past two years, Lampanelli has been working on a one woman Broadway show. The process of verbalizing and writing out her life struggles became more cathartic than most therapy she has done. ” I was in shock! It’s great to get to discover some stuff and then get to share it with people!”

We discussed the benefits of mediation as it’s something we both employ in our lives. Taking a few minutes to clear the head and center makes a difference in the quality of life personally and professionally. Lisa has an openness and humility about her that is rare. Her best piece of advice: be humble, keep your head down and work hard.

That being said, this woman will make you laugh-cry while she pushes you off your comfort zone edge with an expletive laden shove. And, you will love her for it!


Lisa Lampanelli is performing Saturday March 2nd at the Alberta Bair Theater. Tickets are $45.

Tickets: Rimrock Mall  406-656-3206

Alberta Bair Theater 406-256-6052

Jodie Tenicin Smith   the photo chik

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