Beer and Nacho Night!

March 26, 2013 @ 4:59 pm by lisa

Everybody loves getting out with their significant other, but it can get expensive! One of my favorite things to do with hubby is what we call ‘Beer and Nacho Night’. It’s where we hit up our favorite mexican restaurant, order a couple beers, and enjoy a tray of nachos together. The best thing about it is that you get to have fun together, the beer is usually on a happy hour special and a tray of nachos is easily enough to fill you both up – plus some!

Our favorite place to go for these nights out is Santa Fe Reds (on Grand, across the street from Albertsons and Lewis and Clark School). Their chips are so yummy – freshly fried and seasoned to perfection, and you can pick from lots of different options for your meat. Their nacho patters and ENORMOUS too, so we usually just have a half order between us – check this out:


Yep – that’s a half order.













I’m not particularly strict about the rules of ‘Beer and Nacho Night’ though – this time I had a margarita. And aside from the occasional brain freeze, I enjoyed every drop! How beautiful is this Huckleberry Margarita?!?













Honestly though… as good as the food is, the company is always better. And this quiet, casual date night never fails.

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