East Rosebud Fly and Tackle’s 2nd Annual Casting Classic: Benefiting Casting for Recovery

April 26, 2013 @ 2:58 pm by jodie


Showcase your casting prowess while donating to an excellent cause: Casting for Recovery.


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Saturday May 4th at 10am, join local fly fishing people at Riverfront Park to compete, hang out, have some lunch and maybe win a raffle! East Rosebud Fly and Tackle is hosting the 2nd Annual Casting Classic, Central Montana’s premier casting event, to benefit gals recovering from breast cancer. All proceeds go to this terrific charity. Accuracy and distance are the two competitions offered. It’s $25 to enter one and $35 to enter both. There are men’s, women’s, and youth divisions. This is a closed event which means all competitors will be using East Rosebud’s rods, reels and line. Guides and outfitters can’t compete but they can still donate!

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Casting for Recovery “provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a natural setting and learn the sport of fly fishing. Just as importantly, the retreats offer an opportunity to meet new friends, network, exchange information, and have fun. Our weekend retreats incorporate counseling, educational services, and the trained facilitators that staff each retreat, including a psycho-social therapist, a health care professional (e.g. physical therapist, nurse), as well as fly-fishing instructors and river helpers. Casting for Recovery has inspired the generous and loyal support of donors large and small, and continues to believe in its mission of providing women with powerful tools for healing at no expense to them.”

Casting for Recovery (2 of 7)(Donate $10 and display a Remembrance Trout in honor of a loved one at the Casting Classic.)

Thanks to the good people at East Rosebud, our community can aide in others’ healing and have good time doing it. Sign up at East Rosebud Fly and Tackle at their new location:

1314 24th Street West Billings MT

406 839 9397

Drop in and bug Rich. He loves it.

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Jodie Tenicin Smith  the photo chik

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