Importance of Warming up before workouts!

June 12, 2013 @ 9:54 am by anytime fitness


Warming up before a resistance training workout? Warming up before resistance training will result in increased muscle blood flow, increased production of synovial fluid within the joints, and higher muscle temperatures. These actions will result in greater power development and flexibility. Should static stretching precede a resistance training session?? NO. Static stretching will actually temporarily reduce muscle power. Instead a better warm up would be a whole body cardio exercise at 40-60 percent heart rate max for 5-10 minutes. Examples include jogging, arc trainer, row machine and jumping jacks. These exercises get all four limbs involved as opposed to cycling and will better prepare the body for both upper and lower body exercises. Passive warm-up (warm shower or wearing pants and a long sleeve) can help warm the muscles but still should be combined with movement. Before you lift it will be beneficial to SPECIFICALLY perform lighter reps of the targeted exercise. If you are doing a squat slowly build up by performing 8-10 reps at half and then 75% of the weight you will train with. These strategies will help reduce injuries so that you can reach your goals faster. READY SET GO!

photo credit: eccampbell via photopin cc

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