Trailhead Spirits’ Downtown Breeze

September 24, 2013 @ 11:10 am by jake

Trailhead Spirits Downtown Breeze

So I have been sitting on this one for a while. And feel its about time to catch our last bit of summer before the super cold temps come rolling in. The tasting room at Trailhead Spirits always take a unique approach at making classy, upscale cocktails. I am just a small part of this operation making the vodka, gin, whiskey (the release dates of which will be highly advertised, so have patience), liqueur, etc. Our gin, named Healy’s Gin after Casey McGowan’s (Owner of Trailhead Spirits) Great-Grandfather, is a mild gin that makes an excellent Gin & Tonic. But that begs the question, ‘What else does it go good in?’. The Downtown Breeze contains Healy’s Gin, freshly juiced watermelon, splash of lemon, a ‘nip’ of honey, and some cracked black pepper on top. Lets break this one down(town)!!

Appearance- This thing fits the stereotypical thought of what watermelon juice looks like. With the black pepper flakes in there it looks like faux-watermelon seeds in there too.

Aroma- This is fresh juiced watermelon which has a very delicate aroma. It doesn’t smell or taste of watermelon syrup, cause it isn’t. A slight botanical aroma can be detected, but the cracked pepper is the last thing added to this cocktail so it does come through on the nose.

Taste- Not super sweet because the acid from the lemon juice cuts it down just a bit. The honey and pepper are the dark horse in this cocktail, come from behind, super surprising flavor. The gin plays well in this cocktail, even for the non-gin drinkers out there. Just a light botanical background to which the watermelon is the star of the show.

Overall- A nice send off for summer, a cocktail that I plan on drinking whenever the ingredients are fresh. And you better go grab one before the watermelon season is over!

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