Überbrew’s Pink Slip Raspberry Ale

November 19, 2013 @ 10:29 am by jake

So what happens when an assistant brewer puts the raspberry puree, destined for your raspberry wheat ale, in the wrong tank?? PINK SLIP! No he didn’t get fired, but you do get a one time taste of an ‘oops’ beer (if you can call it that). Überbrew’s raspberry wheat, dubbed “Razz Hands”, was what he thought he was adding raspberry puree to. But one thing lead to another… and instead of the wheat ale, they added it to the Golden Ticket- an English “Summer” Ale, of which is named after a racing horse of the same name. So enough about the circumstances that led to this beer, HOW DOES IT TASTE???


Appearance-Red. Super red. Absolutely brilliantly clear, with a slight head that dissipated VERY quickly!

Aroma- You do get some fruit notes on the nose, with the English yeast character still shining through. Very malt forward for a fruit ale.

Taste- Well as one might expect, it taste like raspberries. Some of the characters of the Golden Ticket to come through on this beer, which is actually nice. Too often I find that “fruit beers” allow themselves to taste too much like fruit, and not enough like beer.

Overall- Admittedly, fruit beers are not my favorite style. But my inner beer-geek loves this beer. Just one of those “oops” beers we may never be able to taste again, so go kill these kegs so the ‘unnamed’ assistant can forget about this mistake!

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