Weird Burgers: The Elvis at Hooligan’s

February 14, 2017

Billings, Montana has some pretty amazing burgers in our small city.  We teamed up with our sponsors and taste testers, Tiffany and Lindsay of OMH Agency  to go out on a quest to find some of the most original burgers around town.  We refer to them fondly as “weird burgers,” but mostly we just mean that they are “out of… read more »

Book Your Wedding at the Billings Depot

February 13, 2017

sponsored featured image by Jessica Byrum Photography Engaged couples: are you looking for the perfect venue for your special day? The historic Billings Depot, located in downtown Billings, is a wonderful choice! The Depot has been voted “Best Wedding Venue” in the region year after year, including the Billings Gazette’s “Best of Billings” Reader’s Choice award for several years. Watch our video… read more »

5 Great Places to Walk the Dog

Socialize, Exercise, and Explor(erize) with your Dog Let’s face it, after the cold and snowy winter we could all use a little exercise.  Even our four-legged friends are getting stir crazy.  Fortunately, the spring season seems to be upon us (at least for a little while), and we can get out there and explore without worrying about freezing our ears… read more »

#EFXResolutionChallenge: Leg Presses

February 9, 2017

sponsored We’re checking in with Dr. Jeff Golini, CEO and Executive Scientist at EFX Sports. Dr. Jeff, EFX Sports, and Kyle Benton are partnering on the #EFXResolutionChallenge to show what 90 days of a lifestyle change along with a training plan from Dr. Jeff and EFX Sports supplements can do. This month, Dr. Jeff shows us how to do proper leg presses. Thanks to EFX… read more »

Tasty Desserts to Try this Valentine’s Day

Are you looking to impress the sweet tooth in your life this Valentine’s Day? (Or maybe you’re a self-admitted sweet tooth like me…) If so, check out our list of featured desserts found at some of our favorite Billings restaurants. We hope it inspires you to enjoy one of these delicious treats this Valentine’s Day! Thank you to the Hilton Garden Inn of Billings… read more »

Sip these Delicious Drinks this Valentine’s Day

February 8, 2017

sponsored Are you looking for a great place to enjoy a delicious glass of wine or cocktail with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? We stopped in to some of Billings’ local gems to find a selection of wines and cocktails that are sure to please this Valentine’s Day. Thank you to the Hilton Garden Inn of Billings for their sponsorship of… read more »

Out of the Box Valentine’s Date Ideas

February 7, 2017

sponsored It’s time to plan how you’ll spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. We here at Billings365 (with some awesome help from our friends at Hilton Garden Inn of Billings) want to make a few suggestions to help you plan a Valentine’s date night that’s out of the box. If you and your loved one are fans of the… read more »

Talking Perspective and Inspiration with Sarah of Dead Horses

“I just had to find it myself, and when I did, I fell in love.” Beauty, divinity, and interconnectedness are elements of this world that often conceal themselves from the average eye. Sarah Vos, lead singer and songwriter of indie-folk band, Dead Horses, seems to see things just fine. “We must not lose sight Of that golden sky Or the… read more »

GoUnite Events Announced!

February 3, 2017

GoUnite offers a membership to help you have some local fun, connect with friends, and schedule some fun regularly. Twice a month, GoUnite will host events at local venues. Each event will feature something to do along with yummy food. And parents? They’re also providing childcare through YMCA. GoUnite wants to get couples and singles out of that boring rut so you… read more »

Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Dip with Parker’s Hangover Tonic

February 2, 2017

sponsored I’m always trying to find a go-to dip for family functions and celebrations and I finally did! It’s the Buffalo Chicken Dip made with Parker’s Hangover Tonic and it has just the right amount of cheesy goodness with a savory kick. Watch our latest #b365video to learn how to make this delicious dip and you’ll have a great go-to for all of your parties and… read more »

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