Forget Santa, Dropkick Murphys are coming to town

November 3, 2012

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Boston-born Celt-punk band Dropkick Murphys will be returning to Billings, Montana, on Monday, November 5th. The band is currently touring across the US (and parts of Canada) to support their new album, Signed and Sealed in Blood. The album drops January 8th, 2013, on the band’s own label, Born and Bred Records. I recently had a chance to talk to Scruffy Wallace, the band’s resident bagpiper and tin-whistler, about the tour and the upcoming show.

Me: What can people who have never been to a Dropkick Murphys show expect?

Scruffy Wallace: What we try to do is, we give everything we have, every night. Because, you know, not only with the state of our own country, but across the world right now, a smile is a rare commodity. What we try to do is every night, night after night, we just want you to come to our show, leave all your troubles at the door, and just come and have a good time. Just grab your buddies, put your arms around ‘em, drink a couple beers, and just leave all your worries and bulls**t at the door, because all we wanna do is have a good time. Drink a couple beers, see a couple smiles, play a couple songs, and just forget about everything that’s going on and come have a good time. Forget all your worries for an hour and a half, and just come have a party with us.

Me: I dunno if you guys have had anything really cool happen on the tour so far?

SW: Everything’s cool. Just being able to play night after night is f***ing cool. Even though nothing out-of-the-extraordinary has happened (other than the people we play for), it’s just been so far, part of the usual craziness, I guess you could say.

Me: How long have you been touring, actually? Like ballpark, over the course of the band’s existence?

SW: Sixteen and a half years.

Me: Inarguably, you guys are kind of a big deal. I was just at a show last night, a dude had the Dropkick Murphys t-shirt on…

SW: It’s very flattering. We have *the* best fans in the world, period. Hands-down. I don’t care what any other bands say, we have the most dedicated, loyal, insane fans, and it’s f***ing so awesome, because they give us this right to play music for them, every single day, and it’s amazing. So that’s why we’re so based around our fanbase…without them, this band doesn’t exist.

Me: Do you have any crazy riders in your contract?

SW: Oh, thanks, Bill–my buddy Bill here’s just wiping my mouth off; I’m enjoying some s***ty, greasy onion rings, and he got some ketchup on my face (laughs). No, what we have in the rider, let’s see; my personal items on the rider are…a tall pack of Miller High Life, and…that’s it (laughs).

Me: What do you guys got on tap for the future? What’s next for Dropkick Murphys?

SW: Well, we’re releasing Signed and Sealed in Blood January 8th, and we just gotta keep on keepin’ on, man. As long as people keep coming to our shows, we’re gonna keep playing, and we’re just gonna try to give everyone the best music that we can…we’re just gonna try to keep it going, you know, keep this party going. We just want to thank all our fans, and give everyone the best possible show that we can give them. That’s what our plans are for the immediate–release the record, celebrate the fact that we have our eighth studio record coming out, and just keep it going, as far as that goes, you know?

It’s a real happy, sing-along party record, and we’re all very proud of it and we just can’t wait to come to your town and do a kick-ass show.

Come down and hear Scruffy and the boys play alongside Teenage Bottlerocket and the Mahones. The band will be playing the Shrine Auditorium, at 1125 Broadwater Avenue. Tickets are $25.00. It’s sure to be a hell of a party!

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