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January 15, 2013

save-venture-theatre-billingsVenture Theatre, is having some financial setbacks at the moment.  It’s tough for non-profit organizations to make ends meet at times.  We’ve seen it with many great local organizations. We learned last week that they had to let go of their Director, Robert Brian Wood.  Venture Theatre is a wonderful community asset to Billings.  Not only do they provide entertainment for the community through their live shows, they are giving creative adults and youth a place to  perform in productions of all sizes.  Venture Theatre also has many education programs in place so that youth are exposed to the arts and are able to explore their performing talents in a fun and safe environment.

As a community, Billings’ needs to come together to support Venture Theatre and you can start (if you haven’t already been a long time supporter) this weekend!

Venture Theatre is hosting it’s first ever “Fringe Festival” and it all begins this weekend.  This event will feature live theatre, dance, visual art, spoken word, one-acts, comedy and more among several downtown venues on Montana Avenue over this weekend – January 18th and 19th and then continues the following weekend – January 25th and 26th.  Venture will be performing two live shows during the festival dates – Red and A Steady Rain.

The event kicks off with a Launch Party this Thursday, January 17th at 7pm at Venture Theatre.  Artists who are performing will describe their upcoming shows and then poets will compete in the Montana Slam competition.

A pass for the entire festival is just $20 for all 4 nights of performances.  Find a full schedule of performances here.

Saturday night, you can also attend a special live music benefit at Bones Brewing.  Musicians, Tyler Burnett Band plus Schuster Treo, Jerod Birchell & Dennis Nettiksimmons, Wes Urbaniak and Calista will be performing.  $5 donations will be accepted at the door.

Venture also offers classes for many different ages and skill levels.  These classes include choir, hip-hop dancing, drama, acting, improv, voice lessons and more and range ages 3 and up, there’s even a few for adults.  Class fees are just $35-$40 for a month.  Contact Venture Theatre at 406-591-9535 for sign-up information.

Here are the Details:

Venture Show Choir
Venture Show Choir, Instructor: Myra Nurre
GRADES 3-9 MONDAYS 4:00–5:00 $35/month
This choir will teach kids how to use their voices appropriately in a choir setting to achieve a common goal. The children in this choir will learn how to blend their voices, harmonize and sing in a choir setting while learning Broadway music. Students will get to play in a Glee type-setting and learn the joy of singing together.

Itty Bitty Creative Dramatics
Instructor: Myra Nurre
GRADES K–2 TUESDAYS 5:30–6:30 $35/month
This class will teach younger students about acting using imagination and creative play. Students will learn the basics of acting and theatre in a fun, creative way that promotes using imagination to create and perform. Students will perform a creative showcase at the end of the semester.

Homeschool Acting
Instructor: Myra Nurre
GRADES 2 & up TUESDAYS 10:00–11:00 $35/month
This new acting class is only for kids who are homeschooled. Like our other acting classes, students will learn basics of acting including auditioning, character development, monologues, and vocal projection. Through exciting exercises and games, actors will develop strong skills for the theatre. This class has a showcase performance at the end of the semester. (Depending on enrollment, class will be divided in two divisions by age/ability).

Venture Acting 1
Instructors: Delaney Hardy, Lynn Al
GRADES 3–HS TUESDAYS 5:30–6:30 $35/month
(Classes will be divided into age appropriate sections) Venture Acting covers the basics of acting and is a great class for the beginner or those that want to hone their skills. Students will learn how to use their imaginations to create different characters and spaces and how to make choices. This fun and exciting class will also teach students about working together to create a piece as well as how to work independently. Some memorization may be required.

Venture Acting 2
Instructors: Amanda McCave, Amber Barnes
GRADES 3–9 WEDNESDAYS 6:00–7:00 $35/month
(Class will be divided into two age/ability divisions) This by audition only class is our most advanced acting class and will challenge the students more than they have been yet. Students will build on the knowledge they have learned in previous classes and shows to become more grounded and centered actors. One of our most exciting classes, students will not only work on monologues, scenes and script analysis, they will also learn different acting techniques.

Intro to Improv
Instructor: Myra Nurre
GRADES 6 & up WEDNESDAYS 4:30–5:30 $35/month
Explore the fast paced fun and skills of improv comedy! This class will be a prerequisite to the Funky Bunch and will teach students about the basics of improvisation. This thrilling style of performance teaches you to lower your filters and work purely on impulse, which is essential for acting.

Musical Vocal Styles
Instructor: Kathy Honaker
GRADES 9–Adult MONDAYS 5:45–7:00 $45/month
Our most advanced musical class, students will work with Kathy and various guest artists to learn and prepare various styles of musical theatre. This is more than a singing class, its a historical tour of musical theatre that will leave the performer more ready to choose appropriate audition pieces for shows. This advanced, fast paced class will take the theatre singer to new levels of music and understanding.

Private Voice Lessons
Instructor: Kevin Schweigert
GRADES 3–Adult Times To Be Determined $30/month
Voice Lessons can be scheduled for both children and adults on a weekly schedule. Along with song study, students learn: Warm-up exercises, Music theory, Breathing mechanics, Enhanced tone production, Range extension exercises, Performance techniques. Kevin is also available for coaching sessions to assist the singer getting ready for school or church choir, musical theater, singing competitions, auditions, etc.

Creative Voice
Instructor: Kevin Schweigert
GRADES 3–9 MONDAYS 5:00–5:45 $35/month
Students will learn the basics of voice and how to use their voice properly through vocal play. This creative voice class will focus on playing with their voice through creative exercises meant for this age. Students will get to use their creativity and imagination to learn more about their voice and how it works. Students in this class can expect to get a very solid base for voice in order to propel them into other vocal settings and classes. Students will present a showcase at the end of the semester.

Creative Movement
Instructor: Jessica Tomes
AGES 3–4 year olds WEDNESDAYS 4:00–4:45 $30/month
Creative movement is for 3-4 year olds and is designed to help children develop motor coordination, increase spatial and rhythmic awareness, and to help provide a positive learning experience. Activities are presented in an imaginative and age-appropriate manner. It is a combination of movement such as ballet, etc. and tumbling.

Homeschool Dance
Instructor: Jessica Tomes
GRADES K–6 TUESDAYS 11:00–12:00 $35/month
This fun class geared towards our newer theatre performers, will focus on both ballet and telling a story with our bodies. Students will learn the basics of dance, how to balance and how to use their bodies. This class will teach them confidence in performing as well as their own bodies. Students will present a showcase at the end of the semester.

Oula with a theatre twist
Instructor: Myra Nurre
GRADES 3–Adult WEDNESDAYS 5:45–6:30 $30/month
Oula (with a Venture twist) is a high-energy, easy-to-learn dance workout for all ages. Danced to the Top 40 hits and upbeat Broadway, it generally uses three or four movement sequences per song that are cued and repeated throughout the song so that the student can quickly transition from the learning phase to the dancing phase. Singing along is encouraged! This is great exercise and theatre prep for the child or adult who loves to dance and sing.

Hip Hop-Theatre Style
Instructor: Maribel Schaff
GRADES 3rd & up THURSDAYS 5:00–6:00 $35/month
This fun and exciting urban style of dance class is open to all experience levels. Come learn how to move your body in a unique way that includes popping and locking. Learning Hip Hop helps the young actor develop new ways and awareness of their body. In this class you get your body moving, get an awesome workout, and explore the world of theatre in an exciting way. This class has a showcase performance at the end of the semester.

Itty Bitty Dance
Instructor: Katria Ziegler
AGES 5–8 THURSDAYS 5:00–6:00 $35/month
This fun class, geared towards our younger performers, will focus primarily on ballet and how to use the basic skills of ballet to tell a story. Students will learn the basics of dance, how to balance and how to use their bodies. This class will teach them confidence in performing as well as their own bodies. Students will perform a showcase at the end of the semester.

Skills & Styles Dance for Actors
Instructor: Maribel Schaff
AGES HS–Adult THURSDAYS 6:00–6:45 $35/month
Explore the different styles of dance used in Broadway musicals—from the old classics to the modern Rock musicals of today. Dancers will explore the different styles of dance and music and their bodies. This fast paced, fun class is designed for the beginner or the returning dancer who wants to SHINE in a musical.

Behind the Scenes
Instructor: Lynn Al
GRADES 3 & up WEDNESDAYS 5:30–6:30 $40/month
Have you ever wanted to be involved in theatre, but you don’t think that performing is the place for you? Or are you a performer that wants to learn more about what goes on behind-the-scenes? Then this class is for you! Come learn about the backstage in this new class. Students will learn about set building, scene design, scene painting, lighting, stage management and everything that involves putting on a good show from behind-the-scenes!

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