Russian National Ballet Theatre

February 20, 2013


The Russian Ballet presented an impressive and elegant Swan Lake last night at Alberta Bair Theater. Delicate moves achieved only by controlled power and potent leaps across the stage engaged me profoundly. The entire ballet possessed an empyrean quality.

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Taking place at the lakeside, acts II and IV were among my favorite with the swan maidens and moody moonlit lighting. The short, stiff tutus, or pancake tutus, emanated a distinct personality of their own with a slight rustle I swear I could hear at the back of the theater. I was taken in by the gorgeousness of every detail. It was a rare treat to enjoy the Russian National Ballet Theatre. And, I was happy to see Billings selling out the place. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

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ballet (2 of 7)

I’m not able to give you pictures from the performance. It seemed I was good to go and tucked into my spot by the sound booth waiting for the evening to begin. A very nice sound booth guy came out and let me know the stern Russian woman sitting feet from me said I could not shoot. I looked over and got a very grim smile with a head shaking “no”. I almost started to giggle and had to hold it together. My first thought was she was going to march me outside and at least leave me in the cold with a possible shipping me off to a frigid Russian outpost. After a few questions to the right people, Columbia Entertainment, who presented the production, had not been contacted and asked. No matter. I got to sit back and fully enjoy the ballet. This would not have happened with a camera in front of my face. All the subtle nuances became available to me because I was not distracted with work.

I enjoyed everything down to the crew member sitting near me who often shouted “bravo” in his fabulous Russian accent. And, I met the Columbia Entertainment rep later and we had a nice chat. I came to understand I would have only been allowed about a ten minute window to shoot as it was. I did get a few nice shots in the lobby. AND the stern Russian lady gave me a smile at intermission!

If anything like this comes through our town again, jump on those tickets!

Jodie Tenicin Smith   the photo chik

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