Forever Plaid at Billings Studio Theatre

March 24, 2013

A goofball revue with debonair charm.

Forever Plaid (3 of 8)

Forever Plaid had my sides hurting, my nose snorting and often clapping wildly. Directer and choreographer Susan Kennedy Sommerfeld did a knockout job guiding her four Plaids through a myriad of feel good hits from the 50’s and 60’s. Kyle Trott, Dan Jurovich, JC McCann and Brett Weston wittily entertained the audience as they executed clever dance steps, boomed their dynamic range of voices all while being geeks in a very classy way. They were superb.

Forever Plaid (7 of 8)

Forever Plaid (4 of 8)

Forever Plaid (2 of 8)

There were some uproarious moments. I couldn’t help but howl from my seat. The poor people in front of me. I hope I didn’t accidentally spray them with laugh saliva.. There may be some moments for audience participation. There are moments of rapid-fire comedy. Be prepared.

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Forever Plaid is a successful off-Broadway musical featuring four lively male singers who, on their way to their first concert during the crooner era, died via crashing into a bus full of Catholic schoolgirls or parochial virgins as they put it. They are mysteriously returned to the living to finally perform their show.

Forever Plaid (1 of 8)

Forever Plaid (8 of 8)

This show is a blast and while it’s been playing to sold out shows, there are still some tickets available. Call ASAP to snag yours.

Today- March 24: Sunday Matinee 2pm

Thursday March 28: 7:30 pm

Friday March 29: 7:30 pm

Saturday March 30: 7:30 pm

Billings Studio Theatre

406 248 1141

1500 Rimrock Road Billings MT 59101

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