Head to Rose Park and See What it has to Offer

November 9, 2013

IMG_3743Billings has a lot of great city parks.  From the biggest improved park, Pioneer, to the smaller ones that just take up a city block, like Terry Park, chances are that there is a great recreational area near to where you live.  If you want undeveloped Zimmerman is a fine choice, if you want something more, head over to Rose Park.  Located just north of Grand Avenue between 22nd and 21st streets, this park has a little bit of everything.


One of the biggest attractions to the park is the pool.  In Billings we are fairly limited on our places to enjoy the water.  Since the swimming season is so short, most places choose not to install water parks.  That being the case, Rose Park is one of the only places in Billings that you can find water slides.  With a kiddie pool, a full sized pool, and the slides, there is something for everyone (of course this time of year it is mostly just ducks enjoying the water).


The south end of the park offers open fields for playing all sorts of games.  You can play anything from football, to ultimate Frisbee, to soccer here, and chances are there will be few people to get in your way.  Right nearby are 2 baseball fields if that is your organized sport of choice.  Heading to the far north end of the park you will find more baseball fields as well as more green space.


Also at the north end of the park are two basketball courts.  These paved and lined courts are in great condition, and with 2 available, chances are you will rarely have to wait to get a game in.


Close to the courts are two playgrounds.  Modern equipment has been installed, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking, or your little ones getting hurt (within reason of course, if they jump from the top of the slide that’s another story).  The two playgrounds are separate, so if one is crowded, or has bigger kids on it, you can head to the other area.


IMG_3742Smack in the middle of the park is something unique to the area.  The Rose Park Sculpture Garden was added to the park 20 years ago.  It features sculptures from local artists, and since 1993 it has been a focal point of artistic value.  While the children play, parents can admire the art.




Rose Park is a great getaway in the heat of the summer.  The pool has relatively cheap admission, and there is a lifeguard on duty.  But in the cool of the fall, don’t neglect what the area has to offer.  The large fields are perfect for playing sports, the two courts can be used until the snow covers them, and the playgrounds are great for getting away on a sunny afternoon in November (like today).  There is something at this park for everyone, so even if you only have a couple of hours, stop by and make use of it.

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