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March 30, 2014

There were a a lot of fun community events in Billings this past week along with some pretty light for photography! Here are couple of highlights!

I caught this little plant with a beautiful sunset on Tuesday. Pretty light really makes ordinary things pop!


















Good Earth Market hosted, on Thursday night, The Art of Networking. This fun event was a collaboration between the Good Earth Market and The Billings Jaycees. The event featured local billings artists displaying their work on the main level, while on the second floor the Billings Jaycees presented talks on perfecting your communication and networking skills!

Here is local artist Sarah Morris with some of her beautifully colorful pieces.















Trinity Halverson of the Billings Jaycees, speaking about improving on your networking skills.











BikeNet, a nonprofit organization in Billings which supports the development of urban trails through out our community, hosted their 2014 Bike Walk Summit. The summit was a gathering of like minded local and national individuals. Their intent was to collaborate and share ideas and concepts with regard to the development of urban biking and walking trails. Check out the website for information!

The BikeNet Summit crew making the rounds on the Swords Park bike and walking path.

















A quick break to take in the Billings skyline on the way to a pizza dinner.




















Here’s a bit of sunset lighting the opening to the bike and walking path tunnel under Airport Road.
















Simon Bierbach

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Simon Bierbach is part Montana back country outdoorsman, part tech support Jedi Master, and part action yogi. Born in Eastern Montana, he has relished every bit of his 35 years living in the Big Sky State. Acquiring a used DSLR camera in the fall of 2012, he awoke a fervent passion to record the world around him. His life's motto comes from the pages of favorite author Douglas Adams: "Don't panic and always remember your towel!"

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