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April 6, 2014

The transition between winter and spring is happening and I’ve got the fever!

The view of Billings from the Rims walking and biking trails are quite striking! I pieced together multiple exposures in order to capture the hugeness of the view.






As the weather gets warmer I see the exercise bug beginning to bite so get out there and enjoy the Billings trail system! Here’s a link to maps detailing the trails. 









On Wednesday, at Good Earth Market, I had generous helping of Tex-Mex Cubed Steaks, Mexicali Corn, and Lime Cilantro Rice and I received a coupon for $5 off my next purchase of $30 or more. I’ll be back next week for lunch!

Hot lunches at the Good Earth Market taste amazing! 








Finally, I’m ready for spring and summer!

I went for an early morning walk and had day dreams of hot summers and waterslides…















Last spring my mentor introduced to the beautiful colors that result from blooming trees and bushes. Last year’s color was amazing and this year will be even more incredible! Here’s to the warm weather!

This is a shot from last year’s bloom.













Simon Bierbach

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Simon Bierbach is part Montana back country outdoorsman, part tech support Jedi Master, and part action yogi. Born in Eastern Montana, he has relished every bit of his 35 years living in the Big Sky State. Acquiring a used DSLR camera in the fall of 2012, he awoke a fervent passion to record the world around him. His life's motto comes from the pages of favorite author Douglas Adams: "Don't panic and always remember your towel!"

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