Weird Burgers: The Elvis at Hooligan’s

February 14, 2017

Billings, Montana has some pretty amazing burgers in our small city.  We teamed up with our sponsors and taste testers, Tiffany and Lindsay of OMH Agency  to go out on a quest to find some of the most original burgers around town.  We refer to them fondly as “weird burgers,” but mostly we just mean that they are “out of the ordinary.”

First on our list, was “that burger at Hooligan’s that has the peanut butter and egg on it,” formally called, “The Elvis” on the Hooligan’s menu.

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The Elvis burger starts with certified Angus beef that is then topped with a mound of cheese.  As the cheese melts onto the burger it forms a giant ring of crispy cheese amazingness.  Next comes the bacon, a fried egg and the star of the weirdness factor, peanut butter!

The burger was created by Hooligan’s Owner/Operator, Sean Graves.  He said Elvis loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with bananas.

Our taste testers, Tiffany and Lindsay of OMH Agency, were a little concerned about their challenge.  Check out their reaction in the video below:

Want to try this burger for yourself?  Hooligan’s is located at 109 N 29th Street in Downtown Billings.

What other burgers should we try?  Visit our Facebook page and leave a comment with your suggestions!


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