Skip Town and Head to Cody

July 18, 2017

Adventures in Wyoming There are so many great things to do around Billings that it seems odd to suggest going “all the way to Cody.”  But after a recent trip I clocked it at 101 miles and it took a mere hour and 35 minutes.  That’s far shorter of a drive than many of the adventures in Montana that I’ve… read more »

Four Wheel up to Chrome Lake

July 13, 2017

Benbow Mine Road Leads to Adventure Most of us know about the Stillwater Mine.  It’s a huge operation that has bored tons of platinum from the mountains.  What many of us don’t realize is just how huge the operations are.  It’s hard to describe them in writing, so you’ll either have to take my word for it, or head out… read more »

Get ReCalibrated at Uberbrew

July 10, 2017

Settle in with a Milkshake Beer Last year a brewery on the East Coast made some waves among the brewing community.  It isn’t really that the beer is outrageous.  It’s not even that it’s something completely out of the ordinary.  The waves were caused because the beer looked different than what many people thought the style should look like. A… read more »

Beat the Heat; Head South to Red Lodge

July 5, 2017

Red Lodge offers Fun Getaways When the weather heats up in Billings, one of the first things we do is turn to the local swimming holes.  I recently talked about 4 ways to beat the heat where you can swim, float, slide, or hike.  But perhaps you want to get out but not get wet?  Or maybe adventuring through the… read more »

3 Peaks to Conquer this Summer

June 21, 2017

Get High in Montana and Wyoming Summer in Montana means it’s time to get up high.  As the snow melts away, the mountains become more and more accessible.  From July to September you should be able to reach the summit of many of the peaks in the Beartooths.  While there is a ton of climbing and mountaineering within a couple… read more »

Put Down the Kickstand and Have Uno Mas

June 15, 2017

Thirsty Street has Great Seasonal Beers Some of the best times in Billings are spent on the great patios around town.  There are many to choose from, and you’re bound to find one that suits your needs.  I recently had a chance to sit on the Thirsty Street patio for the first time this year.  As usual, I was not… read more »

How to Fish for Summer Brook Trout

June 5, 2017

Hook into a Few for Dinner Tonight I have written about brook trout fishing in the past.  But it has all been about fishing while they spawn; in the fall.  It’s the easiest time to limit out on brookies, but it’s usually a bit chilly, and sometimes the weather can put a damper on things. During the summer, you have… read more »

8 Montana Lakes Worth the Hike

May 29, 2017

Our Beartooth Mountains Hold Immaculate Lakes For the last several years, my hiking partner has been a baby, toddler, and then a young boy.  It makes it hard to do a hike that’s longer than a mile or so (without carrying him on your shoulders the majority of the time).  But sometimes, you just need to get away. Here are… read more »

Abolish the 18th Amendment!

May 10, 2017

So we can Enjoy Prohibition Pilsner from the Montana Brewing Company A quick and dirty history lesson: in January 1919 the 18th amendment was ratified and went into effect exactly one year later.  This amendment banned the production, transport, and sale of alcohol (although said nothing about consumption and private production).  For the next 13 years, all through the roaring… read more »

Spring Adventures in the Beartooths

April 25, 2017

Spring is a Great Time to Explore Montana spring is a fantastic time.  One day it’s 75 degrees, the next day it is snowing, and the following week it rains off and on.  Just when you’re thinking it’s time to break out the shorts, we get lows in the 30’s, wind, and more rain than we have seen in years…. read more »

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